kamadhenu milk chennai
kamadhenu a2 milk chennai
kamadhenu milk chennai
kamadhenu a2 milk chennai
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Pure Ghee Chennai


Kamadhenu Milk A2 Desi Cow Ghee is made from pure A2 Desi Cow milk that is grazed in the forest. These cows graze in the forest land the entire day. They graze natural grass, leaves, and medicinal herbs. They give us healthy and delicious milk. The hump on the back of the cow absorbs sunlight and converts it to minerals in the milk. It enhances the quality of the milk to many folds. Our desi cows give the best quality milk from which superior quality ghee is made.

We follow the tradtional ghee making process to make pure and authentic ghee. Full cream whole cow milk is set to curd overnight. Set curd is churned in wooden churner using vilona-bilona method to separate butter from the curd. Separated butter is washed and melted into ghee by our experts who can make awesome tasting ghee. In the process, we also add some herbs to enhance the nutritional value of the ghee.

Since we follow the traditional process to make ghee, our ghee lasts longer and tastes better compared to the ghee made using machines from milk cream. Traditionally made ghee is very nutritious and cures many ailments in the body.

ghee chennai


Benefits Of Desi Ghee:

Superior Taste:

The Pure Desi Ghee we offer is hand-made and churned from curd using the traditional method, which ensures its authenticity and preserve its natural taste.

It contains omega 3 properties, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Ensure Good Health:

As a leading Pure Desi Ghee wholesaler, we maintain its nutrients and increase the digestion, which improves energy levels and balance hormonal functions.

Strengthens Immunity:

Desi Cow A2 Ghee is made using Bilona method and including it in your daily routine can boost your immunity and also helps in bone development.

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Desi Ghee – Your Daily Dose Of Health
Desi Ghee is pure bliss and having it in the right quantity daily can offer several benefits and maintain your good health. It’s 100% desi and made of hand-churned method, which guarantees its purity and preserves its natural nutrients.

If you want to give your family a healthy dose of good health, this would be the right choice. As one of the best Desi Ghee Suppliers, we promise to bring you the purest quality within a promised time frame. Contact us to order now.



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