kamadhenu milk chennai
kamadhenu a2 milk chennai
kamadhenu milk chennai
kamadhenu a2 milk chennai
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A2 Cow Milk KK Nagar Chennai

A2 Cow Milk KK Nagar, Chennai

We are committed to deliver you Raw, Unadulterated and Farm Fresh A2 Milk in KK Nagar, Chennai. Straight from our Farm. Our process starts with milking from our native breed of Cows, Refrigerated for around 4 to 5 hours and have it delivered to your door steps, early in the morning.

Enjoy the Farm Fresh Desi Cow milk in Chennai at your doorsteps. Kamadhenu cow milk provide you the best and Pure Organic Milk in Chennai which is A2 milk variety. We take extreme care of our Desi Cows by feeding them with Organic foods and let them freely graze the greens.

The Desi A2 Cow Milk is available in glass bottles. The milk is delivered to your doorstep. within 12 hours of milking the cow. The milk pure fresh milk without any process . What you get at in your hand is pure, natural milk that can be used to make dairy by products, such as curd, ghee.

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Benefits of A2 Milk

Benefits of A2 Milk

  • Rich in Protein
  • Makes Body, Brain and Heart Healthy.
  • Improves The Digestive System.
  • Helps in fat Loss.
  • Nutritious Of Children.
  • Increases Immune Power Of Our Body.
  • Alternate Milk For Infants.
  • Maintains Of Cholesterol Level.
  • Produces healthy bones in children and adults
  • It’s easier to digest
a2 milk chennai

Is A2 Milk good for breakfast?

Start your day with a glass of our farm fresh Desi cow A2 milk as part of a healthy breakfast!

Why A2 milk is costly?

Desi cow gives less milk ( i.e. 6-8 ltr ) comparatively HF or jercy cow ( 15-20ltr) .So A2 milk is expensive. You can Buy best quality A2 milk from Kamadhenu Milk

Why A2 Milk?

What is so special in A2 milk that you must switch from regular or A1 milk. A2 Milk is 100% pure cow milk, fresh from “farm to door”. The desi cow farm treats the cows well and that consecutively increases the quality and the taste of the milk. You can Buy best quality A2 milk from Kamadhenu Milk

Benefits of A2 Milk?

There is no doubt that milk is essential for strong bones and calcium. But why should you go for A2 milk? Apart from adulteration, what are the benefits of switching to A2 milk? When cows feed more natural food like grass and in a free-range, the milk carries an improved protein level. A2 milk is rich in omega-3 which is essential for protection against heart diseases, cancer, and arthritis. The term organic milk includes organic fodder and grasslands that have not been treated with chemical pesticides. You can Buy best quality A2 milk from Kamadhenu Milk
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